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Japanese Flower Arrangements

February 22, 2009

 Kado is one of the most ancient Japanese art forms.
It is often called ikebana, meaning living flowers, and is the classical art of floral arrangement that originated in Japan.

Many people wonder how kado differs from Western floral art and even more, question why one would spend years to study the Japanese art of arranging flowers, when it’s so easy to fill a vase with beautiful daisies or roses.

But kado is in itself a way of arranging flowers for life and for beauty, and the beauty of life.

According to some authorities, kado has been practiced for more than 600 years. It is thought to have developed from Buddhist rituals involving the offering of flowers, which can be traced to the sixth century introduction of Buddhism to Japan. Part of the worship involved the presentation of flowers on an altar in honor of Buddha.

Some believe kado originated in China.

Terry Davies,
Flower history
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