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Japanese Flower Arrangements

February 22, 2009

 Kado is one of the most ancient Japanese art forms.
It is often called ikebana, meaning living flowers, and is the classical art of floral arrangement that originated in Japan.

Many people wonder how kado differs from Western floral art and even more, question why one would spend years to study the Japanese art of arranging flowers, when it’s so easy to fill a vase with beautiful daisies or roses.

But kado is in itself a way of arranging flowers for life and for beauty, and the beauty of life.

According to some authorities, kado has been practiced for more than 600 years. It is thought to have developed from Buddhist rituals involving the offering of flowers, which can be traced to the sixth century introduction of Buddhism to Japan. Part of the worship involved the presentation of flowers on an altar in honor of Buddha.

Some believe kado originated in China.

Terry Davies,
Flower history
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Flowers from Canada

February 22, 2009

Grass pink /Calopogon tuberosus: found in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The flowering season is from mid June to August.

The flowers are large and the range of colors is from pink to rose-purple to magenta-crimson. These flowers are rarely white. The fragrance of these flowers is similar to roses. The dorsal sepal is narrow, oblong and acute. The lateral petals have often a tight constriction. Fairy slipper Calypso bulbosa: located in Northwest Territories, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. The flowering season is May, June and July. The flowers are showy and solitary. The petals and sepals spread laterally. They are pinkish purple in color and rarely whitish. Snow Orchid Cephalanthera austinae. found primarily in British Columbia. The flowering season is from June to August. This is found mainly in the dimly lit virgin coniferous forests. The petals and sepals of the flowers are not widely spread. The inside half portion of the constricted lip cannot be easily seen. The outer segment of the lip is in the shape of a heart but is blunt and broad.

Large Coralroot/Corallorhiza maculata: found in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The flowering season is from early June to early August. The color of the flowers is just like the upper portion of the stem.
Terry Davies
Flower History

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Flower Trends

February 22, 2009

Stylish Flowers For Your Home – Every Season!

flower_trendsThe Flowers & Plants Association, with our European partners Flower Council of Holland, produce stylish flower trends especially for you. Leading prediction companies throughout Europe, and tie in with home decor and catwalk fashions creates the trends. The Flowers & Plants Association takes these predictions and turns them into seasonal styles exclusively for the UK.

These new styles fit in with modern interiors – and the arrangements are simple and quick to do. They don’t require huge bunches of flowers to achieve – even a couple of flower stems can transform a room.

We’re now buying flowers more often for ourselves, and for our homes – F&PA surveys, research, and independent studies tell us this. Many of us are choosing distinctive styles of home decor – and are looking for flowers and plants, which fit in with these styles.

We also find from our surveys and research that people miss a sense of the seasons; particularly if they live in a city. Flowers and plants are a reminder of those seasons – and each season the Flowers & Plants Association will show you new ideas for using flowers in your home.

Terry Davies,
Flower History

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Flower Symbolism

February 2, 2009

flower symbolism

Flowers have always been an object which artists could not resist. over the years we’ve lost the
symbolism of flowers, but in the past artists chose flowers in order to transmit a very specific
message about the object of they’re creation.

The symbolism of acertain flower changes from culture to culture. flower meanings displayed here
are for western european culture standards, unless stated otherwise.

Bamboo – a symbol for long livelihood (its branches are ever green) , strength and grace
(often the bamboo will bend but hardly does it snap) .

In chinese philosophy, the straight,durable main stem of the bamboo symbolizes the
path to enlightment. its segments represent the many stages each man must pass.

Nightshade – a very toxic plant with purple flowers and black fruit which resemble berries. a symbol
for deceit, danger and death.

Chrysanthemum – the national symbol of japan , represent long livelihood.
Daisy – the most basic of flowers  , a white daisy is a symbol for innocence.

Clover Leaf – the three leaves of the clover represent the holy trinity
in christianity (the father,the son and the holy ghost) a four leaf clover represents luck.

Clove – A Symbol for engagement , in china the clove is asymbol for marriage.
Terry Davies,
Flower History

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Welcome to ‘Flower History’

February 1, 2009

lotus flower

Alohaa!, you have reached the ‘Flower History’ Blog , here you will find interesting historical facts about flowers and other plantlife. Whether its Flowers in history,Flower Symbolism or Flowers in diffrent cultures, we’ve got it all. So be sure to check back and read new scrumptious flower posts if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism to contribute please refer them to

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Flower History

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