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Growing flowers

February 22, 2009

growing flowers
Consider the type of soil that you naturally have in your garden, and choose a fertilizer that will help it reach the optimum balance for your plants. The fertilizer you choose should include the elements that your plants aren’t getting from the soil.

When planning the location of your plants within your flower beds and border, keep in mind the color of the blooms, even if the plant is not blooming when you purchase it. Plan for contrast in the texture and color of the flowers, but make sure that the colors will also blend in an attractive manner. For example, the bright color of Zinnias can be balanced with softer colors from chrysanthemum or cosmos.

Don’t forget to consider where you are situating the flower bed. Ideally, it should face south or southwest, but any location that gets enough sun should help your flowers thrive. You should try to plant it close to the house, so that your plants will be protected.

Terry Davies
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