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Flower Dreams

February 22, 2009


There isn’t so much a story to Flower on the surface, but if you dig down a little you’ll find something. If you notice the game refers to a play as dreams, a flower’s dream if you will. The flowers sit on the windowsill of an apartment in the city, only dreaming of what it would be like to fly freely in the wind. All starts off fine but eventually things take a turn towards a dark and rainy day all until a flower comes and saves the day.

With Flower only having six levels (seven if you count the credits), one would not think that it would have much of a replay factor. This isn’t the case however as you’ll still be amazed and entertained by the subtle nuances of the world. But the most important aspect will always remain, it’s relaxing. Every time you come back you’ll still feel that same sense of relaxation and peacefulness as the first time you started it up.

Terry Davies,
Flower History

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