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Flower Symbolism

February 2, 2009

flower symbolism

Flowers have always been an object which artists could not resist. over the years we’ve lost the
symbolism of flowers, but in the past artists chose flowers in order to transmit a very specific
message about the object of they’re creation.

The symbolism of acertain flower changes from culture to culture. flower meanings displayed here
are for western european culture standards, unless stated otherwise.

Bamboo – a symbol for long livelihood (its branches are ever green) , strength and grace
(often the bamboo will bend but hardly does it snap) .

In chinese philosophy, the straight,durable main stem of the bamboo symbolizes the
path to enlightment. its segments represent the many stages each man must pass.

Nightshade – a very toxic plant with purple flowers and black fruit which resemble berries. a symbol
for deceit, danger and death.

Chrysanthemum – the national symbol of japan , represent long livelihood.
Daisy – the most basic of flowers  , a white daisy is a symbol for innocence.

Clover Leaf – the three leaves of the clover represent the holy trinity
in christianity (the father,the son and the holy ghost) a four leaf clover represents luck.

Clove – A Symbol for engagement , in china the clove is asymbol for marriage.
Terry Davies,
Flower History

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